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Jun 25, 2009

Fun with Solicitors

Check out my conversation on the phone with a solicitor at the gym...

Solicitor: (automated message) We can lower your interest rate on your mortgage. To speak to a representative, press "1" now

Me: Pressed "1"

Solicitor: Hi, who am I speaking with?

Me: Me

Solicitor: Sir, we can help lower your interest rate by...

Me: Excuse me, I'm at a gym and alot is going on... "Wilbert! Put your pants back on! I hate it when you do squats like that. This is a family gym!" Sorry... you were saying?

Solicitor: Ummm sir, we can help you with your mortgage by...

Me: Gertrude!! What did I say!! I told you that those poles are NOT to use as a dancing pole! Now take your silly wig off and switch your high heels for sneakers NOW!!

Solicitor: (chuckling) Sir? Can I interest you in one of our programs?

Me: Hmmm. Maybe, but ... Oh c'mon Larry! Quit letting your monkey do pull-ups in here! No animals! And take that silly tu-tu off of him!!

Solicitor: (Laughing) Is everything ok there?

Me: Things are a little slow, but I'm ok. But I'm hungry so I'm going to let you go.

Sorry folks... today is a little slow at the gym, so I did what I could with a marketing call.

Have a good day,
Mike Whitfield
Fitness Trainer, Weirdo

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