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Jun 23, 2009

My First Blog is a Rant ... Awesome!

I'm not a negative person, but sometimes, people have to vent. That's what I'm doing now. See? I told you this blog will be really random. My next blog might be about frogs or scooters... who knows. Anyway, here are my rants.

1. Jon & Kate Plus 8 = I'm bored and sick of it.
2. Georgia traffic lights. The theory behind having a light stay red for 10 minutes and green for 6 seconds is beyond me. This is why someplace only 6 miles away can take 30 minutes to get there. Thanks GA DOT!
3. The new Facebook layout. Don't even get me started. "Waldo just found himself in his own puzzle. Now you take the Where's Waldo quiz!". "Jane just took the How Many June of 1984 Songs Do You Know quiz". Are you kidding me?
4. Gym grunters. Yeah, we get it. It's heavy. Congratulations.
5. Speaking of the gym... why do some people persist on coming in every day to do 1,000 sets of bench presses, yet they can't do a single push-up?
6. 70-year olds who try to look 25. It hurts to watch.
7. The "I don't have time to exercise. I have kids" excuse. There's a trainer at my gym that works full time, and has had 3 kids. She's as chiseled as anyone that has been photoshopped on the cover of People Magazine.
8. Reality shows. Yeah, I said it.
9. When people know more about American Idol than the presidential candidates... and then they go vote.
10. Onions.

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