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Nov 17, 2010

Do You Know Anyone Like This?

For me, shamefully enough, I have been this guy.... the guy that puts on the usual 7-10 lbs over the holidays.  I remember one year, (and I have a hard time admitting this since I am a trainer... but hey, I'm human, too), I put on about 15 lbs in the span of about 8-10 weeks.  I was feasting on holiday cookies (the kind that are not too sweet, but they're kind of buttery... the kind that you eat just one and you think, "Hmmm, it would be a crime to just have just one of those.  I think I'll have 20 more", candy, junk food, you name it.  The next thing you know, my jeans were tight and I was having a hard time breathing.  I'm not going to let that happen to you.  Here are some strategies you can use to avoid the 7-15 lbs of "holiday weight".  But before I forget, I wanted to let you know that there are only 6 spots left in my short, 2-week Boot Camp starting November 29th.  I've purposely created this boot camp this year to keep people from gaining the holiday weight (and even lose fat if you want to impress your family and friends at Christmas).  You'll be suprised how much you can accomplish in 2 weeks if you follow the nutrition guide and make the workouts.  Anyway, here are your strategies:
1.  Go to town on the protein, first and foremost.  Protein will help you feel full, as well as slow down the absorption of carbohydrates (darn you cookies!)
2.  Don't drink your calories!  Save your calories for the better stuff.  By drinking water or any other non-caloric drink with your feast, you'll save hundreds of calories.
3.  Know what you're going after.  Look at what is available before you start filling your plate.  Don't do what I did at my grandmother's house one Thanksgiving.  I filled my paper plate up so much that it literally folded in half and my food fell on the floor.  I was only halfway through the "buffet" line, too.
4.  Eat a filling, healthy snack before arriving to parties, family's house, etc., etc.  You'll be less inclined to "pig out" at the party.
5.  If there are smaller plates available, use them.  There's a reason why they have soup bowls for soup and dessert bowls for dessert at restaurants.  Less plate means less junk.
6.  Don't force feed something you aren't crazy for.  Just because it's on your plate doesn't mean you have to eat it.  
7.  Remember, it's OK to splurge every once in a while.  It's the splurge after the splurge that affects the waist line.  That's why it's important to fill your plate with your favorites (not every single food that's available).  
8.  Be realistic.  I'm not saying you can't lose fat over the holidays because you certainly can.  I've done it and I've seen others do it; and I've even STARTED with clients in the  middle of November before.  It can be done.  But be honest with yourself.  How many functions are you attending?  Perhaps do some compensation.  Plan a few more trips to the gym or stay more active than usual to help compensate some of the splurging you'll do over the holidays.
I hope these strategies help you out this holiday season.  By the way, where in the world did 2010 go?
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Have a great week everyone!

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