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Aug 13, 2009

I'm Shaking My Head Again

I'm shaking my head again, and here's why...

1. The town hall meetings regarding health care. It's not the madness that is going on in the meeting, I'm shaking my head at the fact that I can be easily entertained by that madness. I love it when the politicians are trying to explain that they are indeed saving the world.

2. Facebook notifications. Lord help me if I "like" something, I'm connected to it forever. And what's the deal with these farms people speak of? "Jane Smith started a farm and needs your pigs" ... what??! I literally imagine my friends dressed up in overalls trying to start a farm. I'm thinking, "what the heck?, I thought you were working in human resources. I'm confused".

3. Hmmm... looks like he's not the hero you thought he was, huh? That's what happens when you fall for whatever the media says and you keep up with "The Bachelor".

4. I'm now shaking my head at whoever doesn't get #3 (I'm excluding my younger readers... don't worry, you're cool with me)

5. My wife put bits of onions in some sautéed mushrooms a couple of weeks ago. That's like putting peppers on pizza. I'm eating fattening cheese, saturated fatty pepperoni, and a refined carbohydrate crust. Why would I put something with little caloric value like freakin' peppers on my pizza? It's absurd and it ticks me off.

6. It's like a project now. Just letting the dog go out and take a crap. Unbelievable. Why do you insist on smelling the same blade of grass for like an hour? Does it have magical powers? Will you become the great Jedi Lab you always wanted to be if you smell it long enough? Hmmm, no. Squat and take a dump already!

7. Lunges. I like them, but yet, I despise them. I usually roll my eyes, and then do them. In a way, lunges are stupid. But gosh, they're effective. Either way, they make me shake my head.

8. If I hear "OMG" one more time, I'm going to spew. I realize that it's just a phase and it will pass. I'll be glad when it does. You know... kinda like when you used to say, "this is rad!".

9. Why do people INSIST on making up corky exercises in the gym? Sometimes, I'm thinking, "hmmm, let's see. That is working your ... oh, that's right. Absolutely nothing. That's working your idiot appeal. Congrats. It's working!"

10. Tomatoes (diced, chopped, slices, and whole)

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