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May 26, 2011

FREE Stuff and a Rant

Let the games begin... if you're easily offended, then read on because that's the way uh-huh, uh-huh I like it.  At the end, you'll see a link to a "Travel Workouts" program I put together for you because 1) I'm basically kinda awesome,  and 2) alot of people might be going out of town next week with Memorial Day approaching, so I wanted to offer you a chance to stay lean with quick, yet effective workouts.  The price of the program is 1 virtual fist pump.  Yes, 1 virtual fist pump.  You can email a picture of your fist pump, or I can just take your word for it that you gave me one on your computer screen.

Quick Note: If you are in the metro-Atlanta, GA area and you want to participate in an awesome 5K race, then check out  You can run/walk it, too.  It's June 11th.  And just for participating or contributing to this great cause, I'll hook you up with this:
Just shoot an email to once your register or contribute and I'll send this your way.

Now for the "good stuff"...

Early Summer Rant

1) It was IDIOT day at the gym, and here were the winners (it was a tie)... the dude taking up the Squat Rack during a "rush hour" for bicep curls using only the bar and the dude wearing those "5-Finger" shoes and supersetting the leg extensions and leg curls for about an hour.  Yeah, he gets it... totally.

2) "Just can't seem to shake off any of this weight" some person said.  And on facebook you see something like, "_______ checked in at the Grease Pit Cafe" at least 3-4 times a week.  It happens TOO. MANY. TIMES.

3) The whiners about Oprah being over.  I think it's kinda crazy that some people think she can empower a blank post-it note. 

4) The freaks come out at night you say?... you haven't come with to a Walmart during the day my friend.

5) I am totally burned out on cheesy Chick Flicks.  Never again will I tell my wife my Netflix password. 

6) Hey, if you're checking your phone for text messages or facebook between every forsaken set, then your intensity is ridiculously and stupidly low.  Go watch Opera.  Wuss.

7) Hey, do guys let the weight stack slam down because they are idiots or because they're idiots?  

8) Oh yeah, by the way, when you walk around like your chest is full of air and you look like you can't seem to breathe it out while you're wearing your little sister's shirt, you look like an idiot.  You're not even close to cool. You're so far from cool, that I'm going to make my point by blogging about it.

Ahhhh, I feel better now. 

To your fitness success, and have a great Memorial Day!
- Mikey

To access your  program, simply click on the image  below:


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