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Dec 9, 2010

Random Rant and a Free Gift

It's Christmas.  It's a time of giving, sharing, and family.  But in Mikey's world, it's also a time for ranting.  I'm drinking a drink called, "Speed Stack Pumped" as I write this, so brace yourself.  I'm "tweaking" my 12-week program coming soon (hopefully), and I'm doing a run-through today.  While it's kicking in, why not rant?


1. Country Christmas songs... I honestly think they are terrible.  I love Christmas music, but when it's done "country style", it irritates me.  "That thar new born kang was uh born in that thar manger".  C'mon already!!  Really??

2.  Who in the world made the executive decision to write "the Ox and Lamb kept time"??  Were they special animals with rhythm?  Did they use a stop watch?  How does this happen??  It's messed up, and I'm saying something about it.

3.  I did my first black Friday EVER.  I actually heard these words... "I can't believe how many people are here today".  I was at the mall when I heard this.... on black Friday.  It looks like somebody showered with some idiotness soap that day.

4.  I made the mistake of installing an app called "Angry Birds".  If you never played it, please don't.  It will cut your productivity by 90%.  It's a game where you sling shot birds at some pigs.  Yep.  That's it.  And it's more addicting than potato chips on football day.

5.  Pregnancy hormones are in full effect.  If I open the door to the car for her, I'm a Saint sent down from Heaven clothed in a white robe and a halo as a hat.  But if I forget to fill her water jug before we go to bed, I might as well as introduce myself like this:  "Hi.  I'm your husband, also known as Lucifer. I forgot to fill your water jug.  I'm going to go call someone from the Mob and have them beat me to a pulp and then listen to a Justin Bieber album because that is what I deserve right now.  Awesome?  No, I'm not".

6.  "A Wonderful Christmas Time" from Paul  McCartney.... is it just me, or is there one segment in that song where it sounds like some random 4-year old gets on the keyboard and just goes to town??

7.  Holiday weight.  Nuff said.

I can help you solve # 7.  Click here for your Christmas gift from me.

To all my 1-on-1, group, online and boot-camp clients, family and friends, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.  Again, I have been working on a free program for you, and you can access it by CLICKING HERE.

P.S.  Start setting up your 2011 goals right now!  Or better yet, why not go ahead and start?

To your fitness success,
Mike Whitfield, CFT, CFNC


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